We are located in El Paso, Texas, and we are the only full service marketing research agency in the Borderplex.

What We Offer:
-Interpreter and translation services

-Equipment for simultaneous interpretation

-Nationwide and cross-cultural recruiting

-Video Streaming*

-Closed circuit viewing. Don’t work in the Dark!

-Bilingual moderators and interviewers

-Client lounge with coffee bar with healthy or indulging snacks

-Amazing Mexican Cuisine

-Warm and inviting climate – more than 300 days of sunshine and friendly faces!

*Using high-quality audio/video capturing equipment and professional streaming software, we are able to stream focus group meetings to any location. We only offer this service in our facility.

Translation & Interpretation

MerkadoTeknia Research and Consulting provides translation and interpretation services from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Our specialized staff can translate discussion guides, screener questionnaires, documents, and conduct simultaneous interpretation (U.N. Style) on-site or in other markets.

Our highly trained staff of native Spanish speakers will translate and transcribe any of your documents, with the highest attention to detail. Our team is capable of going beyond simply translating or transcribing, they are able to transcreate any document to ensure that the message is clear and consistent with local dialects.

We have the capability to transmit interpreted language to up to 12 wireless receivers (*more if requested).


Transcreation goes beyond simply translating a piece of work. Some people may think that using a translation program is enough, but often the result may be inaccurate or too literal, leaving the reader confused.

When transcreating, we adapt your message from one language to the other while still maintaining the style, context and intent of the original text (as in advertising, medical or legal text).

In following this process, we will take into account the dialect of your intended audience and provide them with text that is easy to understand. Our team of native Spanish speakers have a deep understanding of the language and dialect ensuring the best results possible.

About El Paso

Quick Info

-El Paso is located at the western tip of Texas, east to Las Cruces, New Mexico, and north of the Rio Grande, border to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

-81% of El Paso’s population is Hispanic, making the city the largest bilingual and binational work force in the western hemisphere.

-El Paso is home to Fort Bliss, the second largest U.S. Army installation and largest training area in the country.

-The city is also home to headquarters of the U.S. Border Patrol Special Operations Group, the Joint Task Force North, and the DEA domestic field division 7.

-A truly ethnic experience, the border town of El Paso has ranked as the safest city in U.S. four times in a row in the past six years.

U.S. Southwest Region - El Paso Market

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