Our Work

MerKadoTeknia Research and Consulting is a full-service Hispanic marketing research agency based in El Paso, Texas. As a valued partner to advertising agencies and their clients, MKT participates in the crafting of marketing strategy for national brands, advising on branding, advertising, audience segmentation, communications plan, and other areas of marketing.

We have worked with national advertising agencies such as Casanova//McCann, Flamingo Group and Foundry Ideas, among others. Our insights have informed marketing and advertising decisions for national brands and non-profit organizations including Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Nestlé, Denny’s, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and the American Heart Association, among others.

Bilingual moderators and interviewers are experienced in projective techniques effective with Hispanic audiences of various nationalities, language abilities and acculturation levels. Our capabilities also include design of quantitative research tools, quantitative data collection, analysis and report writing.


Pharmaceuticals | Healthcare and Health Insurance | Retail
Non-Profit Agencies | Financial Services | Hispanic Media
Utilities | Military | Fast Food Restaurants | Alcoholic Beverages



We love working with Norma and MerKadoTeknia, and have been consistently impressed with the partnership. She has been our ‘go-to’ on multiple research projects, both qualitative and quantitative, as we know we can trust not only with the quality of the research, but the fact that the quality doesn’t change even on an accelerated timeline.  When it comes to putting together a screener and discussion guide, they are thorough, and  we appreciate that she brings her perspective and ideas to the table, allowing us to dive even deeper and anticipate questions respondents might have.  As a moderator, Norma is great- she makes the respondents feel comfortable and encourages them to share, and her analysis and reporting are spot on.  We look forward to working with Norma and MerKadoTeknia on more projects in the future! 
– Michelle Bregozzo, Senior Strategic Planner at Casanova Pendril