Today the MerKadoTeknia team attended the second meeting at the El Paso Times for Juarez Competitiva.  As of last week MerKadoTeknia joined Marlena Cardiel and Jezavel  Fernandez in efforts to secure participation and sponsorship from El Paso businesses in the 15 day event.

This two-week event focuses on this city’s effort to regain the belief, trust and dynamic quality of life once enjoyed by the 1.5 million juarenses, according to Carlos Chavira, chairman of Juarez Competitiva.

“The Juarez we envision will become the head of the bi-national metropolitan region, a socially-integrated place with a high quality of life.  We see this as a center of educational excellence and cultural creation with a thriving economy highly capable of generating quality employment and wealth among its citizens,” Chavira said.

He pointed out that this event will also show to the world all that Ciudad Juarez produces as a major global economic force, with a strong emphasis on world-class manufacturing.

“Our people have designed a program that each day will showcase the economic drivers behind the Paso del Norte region which includes El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez as economic partners.”

Chavira added that Juarez Competitiva plans to feature globally-recognized dignitaries and visionaries who will offer support, inspiration and entertainment in the name of peace and progress.  First to accept the invitation to event is David Arkless, president and CEO of Manpower International, who has extensively studied the region and is one of the area’s leading proponents.

For juarenses, Juarez Competitiva has become a movement of unity, determination and pride as this city seeks to regaining respect from the world.  “We are so proud that in just a few months, thousands of people from various sectors, from our children to our senior citizens have come forward and committed to the success of Juarez Competitiva,” he added.

According to Chavira, the new Juarez state-of-the-art children’s museum – La Rodadora — will host the majority of the 16-day event.

Chavira confirmed that a major concert for peace will close the event on Oct. 28.  “We are in contact with world-renowned artists.  We will reveal names as they are confirmed.”

At MerKadoTeknia, we are proud to be involved with Juarez Competitiva, an effort that will not only raise the profile of Ciudad Juarez, but also of the entire Paso del Norte Region. We proudly chant the peace cry “Juarez Si, Juarez Si, Juarez SI, SI, SI!”

Norma A. Mendoza, PhD – President of MerKadoTeknia

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