Check out AMA Video – great content

Check out AMA Video – great content

Self-tracking Movement for Consumer Insights & Trends on Multi-channel Strategy for Businesses

Ever Wonder how to harness the self-tracking movement for consumer insights? During this new episode find out more about the implications of self-tracking, stay up to date on the latest trend on multi-channel strategy for businesses, hear from Rymax Marketing Services about the key areas to consider when planning your own program, learn tips on being social on Twitter, and more! Read the full articles featured in this episode.

“Hispanics Log In To Social Media More than Other Ethnic Groups”

Check out the February 2012 “American Pulse Survey” from BIGinsight of US adult internet usage –

Log In Once a Day or More Often

Hispanics: 60.7%
Blacks: 60.3%
Caucasians: 53.7%

Hispanics: 35.4%
Blacks: 28.9%
Caucasians: 12.6%

Hispanics: 27.1%
Blacks: 25.6%
Caucasians: 13.8%

Hispanics: 15.5%
Blacks: 10.9%
Caucasians: 4.8%

Hispanics: 13.2%
Blacks: 7.2%
Caucasians: 2.8%

Hispanics: 13.2%
Blacks: 7.3%
Caucasians: 5.3%

Source: American Pulse™ Survey, Feb-2012

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