FREE Webinar The Power of Women Entrepreneurs

“Don’t underestimate the power, strength, and passion of the woman entrepreneur!

Founder of SmartGirls Way, Jean Brittingham brings her 20+ years of experience to show female entrepreneurs, and those longing to launch that new business they’ve always dreamed of, how to create real breakthroughs using their unique female strengths. Jean will show you the importance of leveraging those strengths to build business success.

Jean developed the SmartGirls mirror, a unique diagnostic testing tool to reveal natural capabilities and strengths. After extensive interviews with successful entrepreneurial women, Jean found six characteristics that differentiate the way men and women approach entrepreneurship. With this one-hour webinar, learn to:

  • leverage your strengths to build success for your business
  • embrace the role women will play in the economic recovery
  • capitalize on characteristics that differentiate men and women in entrepreneurship
  • use your talent to make the world a better place
  • use knowledge and networks to build a successful business

This webinar will show women starting a business or building their brand how to leverage gender-based skills into bigger businesses.”


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