Too Popular to Ignore: The Influence of Online Reviews on Purchase Intentions of Search and Experience Products

Have you ever looked at product reviews before bidding on a hotel room on Priceline? or searched Amazon to read comments and reviews of products? Yeah, me too. Given instances of companies hiring PR firms to write positively on behalf of their products, we wondered Рhow do consumers assess the credibility of online reviews? Below are some of the highlights Рread the full article from the link:

  • The credibility of a an online review is positively related to consumers’ purchase intentions.
  • For search products (products we are unable to experience prior to purchase, such as a hotel room), review credibility is determined by the level of DETAIL in a review.
  • For experience products, credibility is determined by reviewer AGREEMENT.
  • We suggest that indicators of reviewer agreement should be included in online reviews in order to present a more complete picture of consumer sentiment.

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